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Project visionary, Donna Fair can still vividly remember sitting in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore telling her husband that she wanted to do a documentary on girls self esteem.


SaySo Filmworks is committed to producing quality films with messages that educate, empower or entertain. The SaySo brand was established in 2005 when SaySo Publishing Co. published its first book, Urban Fairytales: A Collection of Grown Folks Stories by Donna Fair. The book was well received by both readers and booksellers across the country. So much so that Urban Fairytales made the top 10 list of the Essence Magazine book bestseller list in April of 2007.


Attention gained from buzz around the book led to an offer for one of its stories, "The Nubian Princess Tale", to be optioned for development as a feature film. This motivated the author to study script writing at UCLA Extension in order to advance her writing skills.


With the newly acquired interest in film, SaySo Filmworks was created as a subsidiary of SaySo Publishing Co. further extending the SaySo brand to create documentaries and feature films for a wide spread audience. SaySo Filmworks mission is to provide entertainment that encourages, challenges and entertains thru feature films, short films and documentaries to those domestically and abroad.

"Don't Hate Me because…"

A documentary that focuses on girls self esteem. This films objectives are to raise awareness regarding issues that can affect girls self esteem, identify symptoms and provide potential solutions available to girls, teachers and parents. This is shown thru character based interviews with girls from various parts of the country that are affiliated with some type of mentor/mentorship program or look to their parents or teachers for solutions.


There were other issues occurring back in the day, just as they are now but they weren’t  largely known or were taboo when it came to discussion. These issues range from divorce or separation, teen pregnancy, sexual identify, molestation(often at the hands of a family member or close family friend), rape, emotional or physical abuse, you name it.  With the presence of social media many of these issues no longer take a back seat or a swept under then rug. It's clear that many young girls are hurting, our goal with this project is to get them talking and to ultimately move them to a place a healing.

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Don't Hate Me because I'm a beautiful young lady. 

Don't Hate Us because we're imperfect.

Don't Hate Me because I'm authentic.

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